30 May 2018Special Interest Day:-Painting Inspired by Music and Music Inspired by Painting- Peter Medhurst. Report by Paula Hearne
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Special Interest Day:-Painting Inspired by Music and Music Inspired by Painting- Peter Medhurst.
Report by Paula Hearne

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Peter Medhurst, musicologist and bass-baritone, is well know to The Arts Society as a singer, pianist, scholar and lecturer.  To some fortunate members he may also be known as an accomplished tour guide exploring music and the arts.  On his recent visit to our Society he devised a Special Interest Day centred on the theme of Paintings inspired by Music and Music inspired by Paintings.  He began by mentioning Beethoven’s ‘Claire de Lune’ to get our imaginations working on programme music, and then played the well known ‘Promenade’ which links passages from ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’.  Mussorgsky’s suite for solo piano was inspired by pictures at a memorial exhibition for the Russian artist Victor Hartmann, ranging musically from pecking hens to a crescendo of clanging church bells at the Great Gate of Kiev.
Less well know was Boecklin’s painting of ‘The Isle of the Dead’, a picture once owned by Hitler which gave a frisson of it’s own to the spooky atmosphere of the painting.  A ghostly standing white figure of a woman accompanying a coffin in a small bot as it approached the foreboding dark and cypress-clad island inspired Rachmaninov to compose an atmospheric and brooding symphonic poem.   By way of contrast Peter played a short section of Max Reger’s tone poem also inspired by this painting.  Peter showed us sections of the score on screen to demonstrate how Rachmaninov’s music conveyed the rhythm of the waves and atmosphere of gloom.
Using an interesting experiment with a few pictorial motifs randomly chosen, Peter showed us how he could compose a short piece to illustrate a given topic or enhance a mood,  film scores have contributed to heighten drama or suspense, or whatever is required to provide a background  to the action on screen.  He also demonstrated how a major or minor key alters the intensity of the colouring – as well as silence.
Peter illustrated music inspiring pictures by playing Respighi’s symphonic poem ‘The Pines of Rome’, with its relentless rhythm depicting Roman soldiers marching up the Via Appia in triumph.  The dynamic alters alters almost stealthily, growing louder and louder, an effect which has been a source of inspiration to Hollywood composers of Roman epics of the silver screen.
Peter’s final choice was ‘The Hebrides Overture, Fingal’s Cave, which famously inspired Mendelssohn, who was also a painter, on a visit to the Hebrides.  Again we saw images of the notation on the score rising and falling in imitation of waves.
The day was a masterly study in bringing together music and art, a very interesting exercise in how and where inspiration can be found and used to effect.   It also poses the thought that many other paintings could be paired up with music in a similar way, given the research and expert presentation of Peter Medhurst.

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