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17 January 2018Indians, Buffalo and Storms: The American West in 19th Century Art
13 December 2017Mulled Wine and Minced Pies The Art of Christmas
29 November 2017Autumn Lunch Foreigners in London:1520- 1677 The Artists that Changed the Course of British Art
15 November 2017Auguste Rodin, Dante and the Gates of Hell
18 October 2017AGM Lee Miller-Witnessing Women at War
20 September 2017Inspired by Stonehenge
21 June 2017Art UK: Uncovering the Nation's Hidden Oil Painting Collection
17 May 2017Restoration Dramas: How some of Britain's best-loved buildings were saved from destruction
19 April 2017Titian - The First Modern Artist
29 March 2017Special Interest Day: A history of Jewellery from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth Taylor
15 March 2017Art Deco and All that Jazz
15 February 2017Three Great Families and their Gardens: A History of the Astors, the Rothchilds and the Sackville Wests
18 January 2017Behind the Scenes- Curating a Contemporary Art Gallery.
07 December 2016Mulled Wine and Mince Pies: Golden Gobblers- The Turkey in Art and Life
16 November 2016The Islamic Garden: The wondrous World of Islamic Art
02 November 2016Autumn Lunch: Treasures from the Royal Collection
19 October 2016Undressing Antiques
21 September 2016Income and Inspiration: Financial Secrets of the Masters
15 June 2016War Artists, Spies and the Art of Deception
18 May 2016Secret Art in the Passport How we use it to fox the forger
20 April 2016The Role of the Arts in the Cycle of Crime, Prison and Re-offending
30 March 2016Special Interest Day Verdi's La Traviata: A Very Italian Affair
16 March 2016Edward Lutyens Architect to Dolls, Dukes and Dynasties
17 February 2016A Bit of Slap and Tickle: Constable's Brighton Paintings 1824-28 Material and Techniques
20 January 2016Salisbury Cathedral The Making and Unmaking of a Masterpiece
16 December 2015Mulled Wine and Mince Pies Singe we Yule-Musical Portrait of a Medieval Christmas
18 November 2015The Elgin Marbles
21 October 2015AGM Facing up to Goya: Portraits of Goya
07 October 2015Autumn Lunch A Pictorial History of Drinking Glasses
23 September 2015Anniversary Lecture Music on the Grand Tour
17 June 2015Thomas Heatherwick: The Leonardo da Vinci of our Times
20 May 2015Picasso and his Women
29 April 2015Special Interest Day: Silver and Social Customs from Norman Times and Discussion of Silver Items brought in by Members
15 April 2015Wanderings Amongst the Nomadic Tribes of Iran and Afganistan - Searching for the woven art and symbolism of the Nomads * Sign up and pay for visit to Nether Winchendon on June 10th
18 March 2015Denys Lasdun and the National Theatre: Architectural Masterpiece or was Prince Charles right after all?
18 February 2015Shock! Horror! Probe! The Art and Artiface of Fleet Street A Newspaper Story in Pictures * Sign up and deposit for Cambridge visit on 18th- 19th June * Sign up for the Special Interest Day on 29th April
21 January 2015Everything You Wanted to Know About Magna Carta But Were Afraid to Ask
10 December 2014Mulled Wine and Minced Pies That Pretty German Toy Musings on the Christmas Tree (Musical Presentation)
19 November 2014Jennie Churchill- Winston's American Mother Style Icon or Ambitious Seductress?
29 October 2014Autumn Lunch Love, Power and Scandal A Royal Jewel For Every Occasion
15 October 2014On Either Side Of No Man's Land British and German Artists of the 1914-18 War * Foreign visit sign-up and deposit
17 September 2014Pictures of Nothing: Late Turner * Sign up and pay for visit to Turner Exhibition at Tate Britain * Sign up and pay for Autumn lunch * Foreign visit information
18 June 2014Great Photographs of the 20th Century
21 May 2014The Czechs in the Poster
16 April 2014Michelangelo: Paper Stone and Flesh Sign up for the trip on 25th June to Sezincote and Sudeley Castle
19 March 2014William Moorcroft and his Legacy
19 February 2014Munich- Metropolis with a Heart
15 January 2014The Minoans of Crete:The first Europeans
04 December 2013Mulled Wine and Mince Pies Is Christmas in Good Taste?
20 November 2013Basingstoke and its Contribution to World Culture
30 October 2013Berthe Morisot: Impressionist par Excellence
16 October 2013Medieval Illuminated Books of Hours
18 September 2013Habitat Catalogued
19 June 201320th Century British Sculpture
15 May 2013My day with Salvador Dali
17 April 2013Chatsworth:A 21st Century Renaissance
20 March 2013Oscar Wilde and the Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement
20 February 2013Durham Cathedral
16 January 2013Jewellery as an Art Form 1960-2013
12 December 2012Christmas at Covent Garden: 300 years of Christmas Shows at one of London’s Greatest Theatres
21 November 2012Sticky Tape, Moths and Men: The problems they cause and the remedies I use
31 October 2012Lost on the Titanic:The Story of the Great Omar Binding
17 October 2012Art for an Afterlife: Ancient Egyptian tomb scenes and funerary goods
19 September 2012A Thousand Years of History: Medieval Cathedrals as Time Machines

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Indians, Buffalo and Storms: The American West in 19th Century Art Tony Faber Wednesday 17 January 2018

Artists were never far behind the explorers who opened up the west of America in the 19th Century. Sometimes they painted what they saw. Sometimes they painted what they wished they saw. Either way, painters like Alfred Miller, Frederick Church and Albert Bierstadt have left us a powerful, if romanticised, record of the country and people that the settlers found. Now we can use their pictures to chart the  history of the opening of America’s west - the arrival of the railroad, the confinement of native Americans into reservations, and the extermination of the buffalo.
This is a story on a big scale and it seems appropriate that among the pictures illustrating the lecture are some of the largest and most grandiloquent paintings of the era. After a period of deep neglect, they are now very much back in vogue, but whatever one thinks of their artistic merits, I hope audiences will agree with me that they are, above all, great fun. 
Toby has written two works of narrative history, Stradivarius and Fabergé's Eggs, published by Macmillan in the UK and Random House in the US, and given lectures associated with these two subjects at venues including The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Library of Congress and the Huntington Library, as well as a number of literary festivals. His career began with Natural Sciences at Cambridge and has been through investment banking, management consulting and five years as managing director of the publishing company founded by his grandfather, Faber and Faber, where he remains on the board. He is also non-executive Chairman of its sister company, Faber Music and a director of Liverpool University Press and the Copyright Licensing Agency.